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Announcing our long-term strategic partner, BD Consulting Group. The firm offers consulting services directed to process, risk, and compliance management. A perfect compliment to The Manager.

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Components of The Manager

The Manager is a web-based suite of integrated modules that provides an organization with a structured and efficient way to capture, maintain and share the operational knowledge required to establish and maintain a controlled business environment. Policy and procedural information can be authored with keystroke-levels of detail directly within The Manager, while existing content can be quickly and easily imported. Points of risk, compliance, audit or regulatory requirements can be identified and linked to a specific task or across multiple procedures.

Learn more about specific components:


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The Administrator module governs user provisioning as well as authorization security through the use of role based assignments. It brings a structured, hierarchical approach to information and functional access for the entire suite. All polices, procedures and other business content are organized into Categories and or sub-categories. Units are assigned access rights to specific Categories allowing the organization to control access to all content. Alert thresholds settings are defined for system-generated alerts triggered by “n” number of days being reached without a required action-taking place.


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The Author module allows subject matter experts to create an integrated knowledge base of policies and procedures. The user interface is simple and familiar, allowing for a very short learning curve. New users can begin creating new content effectively in just a few hours. The Author module promotes the use of a common vocabulary. Business or company-specific terms can be entered in a pop-up Glossary. Hypertext definitions can be embedded in task instructions. And Access Words can be created for finding any task description. Leverage operating procedures to generate tactical courses that automatically update when procedural steps change. Full multimedia support permits effective concept training and orientation. Course management features include scheduling and report generation.

Breakthrough Forum

Breakthrough Forum Thumbnail

The Breakthrough Forum is a collaboration tool that provides a mechanism for continuous process improvement. It helps create a culture of innovation. Any employee can make a suggestion at any time. Management response to each suggestion is timed and tracked, and feedback monitored in order to keep employees informed and motivated. Since employee suggestions are tracked and saved, qualitative and quantitative benefits from suggested changes can be tied to a reward system. Redesign teams can also view existing process maps and task-specific instructions in order to make suggestions for process redesign. Reviewers can see how suggested changes will look on the process map or tree, and what indicators will be impacted. This allows process changes to be assessed before actually being made. Implemented changes are disseminated through the knowledge base. A bulletin alert notifies each employee of the change. Employees are requested to read and respond to the bulletin through a password. By monitoring those who have read the bulletin, implementation is assured and procedural risk reduced.


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The Mentor module delivers accurate, task-specific process related information to end users. Mentor is an integrated knowledge base of process descriptions, specific task instructions and exception processing rules, examples, exhibits, checklists, risk and metric indicators. Each topic frame contains specific answers to How-To, What-If, and What-Happens questions. The process tree, visible at all times, lets employees quickly access information without losing sight of where they are within the process. The process map, Access Words, and bookmarks also assist navigation to specific frames. Each navigation method is direct and precise, unlike typical keyword search engines that produce multiple hits or drill downs. The Mentor module focuses on the knowledge base as the only source of consistent, standardized information. Whenever changes are made to a process, online buttons notify employees on a real-time basis, when they next sign on, or when they access new information for the first time. FYI and critical bulletins can be distributed to communicate policy or procedural changes.

Metrics Manager

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The Metrics Manager enables organizations to track real-world performance against a set of reasonable expectancies as defined by management. The module provides the ability to define quality, production management, and risk indicators to monitor performance against specific processes or tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Actual performance data is collected in the Metrics Manager and summarized into meaningful Business Intelligence reporting, available to various management levels within the organization.

Risk Manager

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The Risk Manager focuses on regulatory, financial, and marketplace risks and how to measure it. It leverages information captured in Mentor to help manage the control environment. The module is designed to assist in managing an overall risk framework. Information is captured at each stage of the risk management cycle and management reports can be produced to help manage your overall portfolio of risks. Client defined tables determine how risks are categorized and rated. The Risk Manager then provides a comprehensive solution that integrates Compliance, Corporate Governance, and Process Management by linking risks, control, activities, issues, and action plans to processes.

Self Audit Checklist

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The Self Audit Checklist module allows management to create, monitor and record the completion of critical tasks. These checklists can be assigned to users and linked to procedures. Alerts are generated in real time, notifying end-users and management when tasks must be completed. The Self Audit Checklist module also incorporates a number of detailed reports, capturing any and all information on the successful (or unsuccessful) completion of any checklist. Management is responsible for identifying the components (tasks) of Self Audit Checklists, defining the reporting requirements, and selecting the employee assignments. Users access their assigned Checklists via The Manager home page or Mentor module, and are responsible for completing the Checklists either individually or as part of a collaborative group. If tasks within a checklist cannot be completed, the owner can document the issues that must be resolved in order to complete the tasks. The reporting component of the Checklist allows end-users and managers to monitor the completion status of Self Audit Checklists.


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Tutor delivers on-demand training at the desktop. Full multimedia computer-based training can be developed and delivered in the same environment that supports and measures process performance. Concept and orientation training take the form of foundation courses. Task instructions in the Mentor are leveraged to generate tactical courses. Built-in practice sessions help employees achieve a high level of competence. Trainers and management can establish specific pass/fail thresholds for individual lessons and schedule courses as needed. Employee and department training histories are tracked for compliance and performance purposes. If process information changes in the knowledge base, then so does the linked tactical course. Linking these materials significantly lowers the costs of developing, delivering, and maintaining computer-based training.

Professional Services:

Our professional services are designed to complement the capabilities of The Manager suite, which provides a platform to:

  • Store and manage key operating procedures
  • Deliver tactical and foundation training
  • Define and track key performance indicators accessible from customizable dashboards
  • Track key task completion at the individual or group level
  • Provide an effective risk and compliance platform and support the identification, tracking, assignment and resolution of operational issues

Business Process Assessment:

BCIs business process transformation practice reflects the 100+ years of combined experience held by its senior operations managers, all of who have held key positions in global financial institutions. Our process-centric approach allows us to build repeatable and scalable business processes, executed within a compliant risk and control framework.

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Accurate policies and procedures are the cornerstone of effective business process management. A clear understanding of the policies that govern an organization’s behavior and the procedures through which those policies are implemented depend on effective communication and accessibility by all staff members. BCI can help you understand how regulation, policies and procedures impact your organization, and develop effective responses if conflicts occur. We can assist in the formulation and authoring of the “right” procedural documentation to maximize understanding and elicit collaboration through continuous improvement.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC):

BCIs Governance, Risk and Compliance expertise helps our clients develop an effective internal control framework that can be implemented and supported within The Manager. We work directly with our clients to:

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  • Develop enterprise-wide taxonomy, taking into account organizational structure, legal entities, lines of business, geography and business processes.
  • Identify process failure points and assess risk.
  • Link internal controls to risks and business processes.
  • Document control testing strategies, objectives and frequency.
  • Formalize control monitoring through the use of self-audit checklists and performance metrics.

Hosted Services:

The Manager is a robust, 3-tiered web platform, designed to meet the mission critical needs of even the largest enterprise customers. However, small and medium size businesses may not have, or want, the IT infrastructure needed to run our application within their network. That’s why BCI Systems also offers a hosted service, whereby clients can have complete access to their own copy of The Manager without any of the administrative or implementation costs associated with managing an in-house installation.

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The benefits of a hosted solution are:

  • Faster deployment
  • Faster ROI
  • Scalability without added infrastructure costs
  • Seamless application updates and enhancements
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)

For more information about BCIs hosted solutions, please contact us at:

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Originally founded in 1991 as Breakthrough Concepts Incorporated, BCI Systems provides a full range of professional and technical services to the Financial Services Industry. We consider our clients our greatest asset and are committed to delivering the highest quality services and products to support their business transformation.

Our Practice Areas Include:

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BCI consultants are seasoned professionals with significant hands on experience in their respective areas of expertise. Our professional staff is committed to delivering the highest value to our clients while maximizing the user experience.


BCI Systems offers a variety of resources to support users of The Manager.

  1. Documentation: Every installation of The Manager includes detailed user guides for every module within the suite, making finding answers to common questions fast and easy.
  2. Email: For answers to questions not covered in the user guides, clients can send their queries via email. Each client can request a dedicated email account specifically for technical support.
  3. Telephone: To speak to a BCI Systems technical support representative, our clients have the ability to call our toll-free phone number at 1-800-770-4775.

In addition to all of the resources listed above, BCI Systems can also provide in-depth onsite and web-based training for users of The Manager. For more information on any of our support services please contact us.

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